RF Design Engineer

Irvine, California, United States


Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems is looking for an RF Design Engineer to support various programs at Tyvak. Responsibilities will include RF circuit and module designs, antenna design and evaluations, power amplifier design, and system-level design.


- Minimum BSEE in Electrical Engineering, MSEE preferred

- Good understanding of RF fundamentals, including Smith Charts, impedance matching, S-Parameters, and RF measurements

- Experienced in designing RF/Microwave circuits and modules from conceptual design, prototype bring-up and evaluation through deliverable hardware.

- Must be experienced in using VNAs, spectrum analyzers, power meters and typical RF measurement equipment.

- Experience in RF chain analysis, including transmit upconverters, receive downconverters, mixer spurious analysis, cascaded noise figure, gain, and IP3 calculations

- Experience in designing microstrip circuits, such as impedance matching, microstrip filters, hybrids, directional couplers, etc.

- Experience in 2.5 or 3D simulation, such as HFSS, Axiem (AWR), or Momentum

- Experience in Keysight ADS or Microwave Office (AWR) required

- Knowledge of digital communication schemes such as BPSK, QPSK, GMSK, PCM/FM, etc.

- Experience in link budget analysis and design

- Antenna design experience is a plus

- Power amplifier design is a plus

- Soldering and electronics prototyping and troubleshooting is a must

- Schematic capture and layout experience in CAD software such as Altium or Orcad is a must

- Must be able to work with cross-functional design team


-Salary and benefits are market competitive.

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